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2016-17 Huertas Fundraiser
Please support us as we work to plant 35 gardens for the summer of 2017.
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“Without the garden we would not be eating fresh vegetables because they are so expensive in the store and also because some of the varieties we cannot even find here. The garden offers comfort and food for our family.”

Huertas, a project of UVM Extension’s Bridges to Health program, builds gardens and distributes seeds and plant starts to Latino/a migrant farmworkers living in rural Vermont. The quote above illustrates the importance of Huertas for farmworker families in Vermont

Please support us as we work to plant 35 gardens for the summer of 2017!

Your donation of $20 or more will help us to coordinate and plant farmworker kitchen gardens in rural and geographically isolated areas of the state, as well as develop educational and outreach materials for extending the harvest and food preservation.

Farmworkers face food insecurity at a higher rate than the general population of Vermont and have particular challenges in accessing fresh, local, and culturally familiar foods.  Our vision is an abundant and healthy kitchen garden full of varied and nutritious culturally familiar fruits and vegetables for all farmworker households in our region who wish to grow some of their own food.

We need your help to reach as many households as possible so that we can hear more families saying things like this:

“We eat healthier during the summer, way more vegetables, and the vegetables we eat are healthier because there are no chemicals.”

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