The Robert E. and Holly D. Miller Building: The University of Vermont Medical Center

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This is Where Patients and Families Come to Heal

As part of The University of Vermont’s comprehensive campaign, The UVM Medical Center seeks to raise $30 million to support the construction of the new Robert E. & Holly D. Miller Building — a facility that will create a better healing experience for patients and families, a better working environment for clinicians, and a better research and learning experience for UVM scientists and students.

New Facility Will Match High Quality of Care

Walk the floors of The UVM Medical Center, and you’ll hear countless conversations about the very latest strategies for treating patients. You’ll witness teams conducting interdisciplinary, bench-to-¬≠bedside (translational) research and discover how we’re educating the health care leaders of the future. Enter the majority of patient rooms, however, and the physical environment stands in stark contrast to the innovative practices unfolding therein.

Currently, nearly 60 percent of our patient rooms — some built 50 to 70 years ago — require two patients to a room. Space for loved ones amounts to a single chair. Since the rooms lack built-in technologies essential to modern health care, Medical Center teams often have to bring in equipment or patients must be transported to other areas of the hospital, disrupting their recovery and increasing their chances of infection.  With the construction of this new building, single patient rooms will increase to nearly 90 percent.

VISION: Modern Miller Building Will Enhance Patient Experience

The new Miller Building was designed with a dual purpose: to help patients heal while moving the field of health care forward.

Key features of the Miller Building include:

  • A new seven-level structure that adds nearly 180,000 square feet of space above the existing Emergency Department parking area.
  • Levels 1–2 will be structural, containing pillars and a new entry bay for emergency vehicles.
  • Levels 3–6 will contain a total of 128 single-occupancy medical/surgical rooms with 32 rooms per floor. Each room will offer:
    • > A Family Zone with furniture and amenities that allow loved ones to stay close to patients around the clock
    • > A Caregiver Zone providing space for clinicians and trainees to prep treatments, discuss care strategies, and hold educational rounds without disrupting patients
    • > The most advanced medical technologies, including telemetry equipment for remote patient monitoring and integrated tools that reduce the need to transport patients to other areas of the hospital
    • > A private bathroom with built-in shower facilities
  • Each level will also include dedicated team stations, consultation rooms and offices to provide space for clinicians, translational researchers and students to collaborate and share ideas.
  • Services will be thoughtfully co-located to enhance team-based care and improve the patient experience:
    • > Floor 3: Cardiovascular, Cardiothoracic and Bariatric Surgery
    • > Floor 4: Cardiology
    • > Floor 5: Oncology, Gynecology, Urology and General Surgery
    • > Floor 6: Orthopedics and Rehabilitation
  • With a focus on safety and high reliability, the entire building is designed to be LEED-certified for efficiency, energy conservation and sustainability.
  • Through new corridors, the Miller Building will directly connect to operating rooms and the intensive care units located in the adjacent McClure Building.

With the construction of this new building, inpatient facilities at The UVM Medical Center will meet the level of our renowned patient care, innovative research and forward-thinking training programs — known throughout the region and the nation as a model for 21st-century health care. You can play a part in this future with a gift to Move Mountains: The Campaign for the University of Vermont. Help us move mountains for our patients.

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