Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Foundation's impact?

An affiliated foundation provides the University an opportunity for engagement with its most committed and capable supporters. An involvement in and sole focus on philanthropy on behalf of the University will enable the University to realize a level of philanthropic support it has not previously attained. Over a period of years, the UVM Foundation will become a self-funding entity, which will significantly reduce the University’s general fund expenditures for fundraising activities, freeing those resources for other purposes.

Why does the University need private support?

The University of Vermont is state-assisted rather than state-supported. In FY 2011, the state appropriation of $40,747,000 accounted for only 14 percent of the general fund or 7 percent of the total current operating budget. State support is critically important and when combined with tuition and fees provides a base for the daily operation of a university. However, private support provides for the margin of excellence that puts UVM on the cutting-edge in research and education.

As state support continues to decline as a percentage of the University's total operating budget, private contributions from alumni and friends are increasingly necessary for UVM to fulfill its mission of world-class education, research, and outreach to Vermont, the nation, and the world.

How does the UVM Foundation serve the University?

The UVM Foundation exists solely to benefit the University of Vermont, serving as the preferred conduit for all private contributions to all areas of the University. The UVM Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors responsible for overseeing the Foundation's property and assets and directing the business and affairs of the UVM Foundation.

Through annual giving programs, planned gifts (wills, trusts, annuities, and other vehicles), and special-purpose campaigns, the Foundation works on behalf of UVM's eight undergraduate schools and colleges, Graduate College, College of Medicine, as well as the libraries, Fleming Museum, Athletics, Continuing Education, UVM Extension, and other areas to generate private support from alumni, parents, and friends.

What is the relationship between the UVM Foundation and the UVM Alumni Association?

The UVM Foundation and the UVM Alumni Association are partners in encouraging the full participation of alumni and friends in advancing the institution. We encourage both your participation in the UVM Alumni Association and your support of the University through UVM Foundation contributions.

The UVM Alumni Association enhances the regional and national reputation of UVM, grows the scholarship assistance available to deserving students, and expands the benefits and services its members enjoy. The Association helps broaden involvement in alumni outreach, student recruitment, equity and diversity initiatives, University advocacy, and other valuable programs including networking and regional events and online services that help meet the needs of UVM’s growing alumni community.