College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

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Applying Science to Benefit Society

The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences prepares students to tackle some of society’s most critical issues: healthy food systems, environmentally sound agricultural enterprises, policies and practices that sustain rural communities, and the use of modern molecular and cellular biology to improve quality of life. Faculty are working on answers to pressing problems in these fields while preparing the next generation of leaders in the life sciences.

Move Mountains: The Campaign for The University of Vermont presents an opportunity to advance forward-thinking programs and research that reach from cells to society and have a meaningful impact on the quality of life in Vermont, the nation and beyond. With your help, we can move mountains. Join us.

Advancing Students: $3 million

Our bright students are motivated to make a difference in the world. It is critical for the college to have additional resources available to attract and retain the most talented and motivated students. As a complement to our high-quality facilities and outstanding faculty, we aim to substantially increase endowments for both undergraduate scholarships and graduate fellowships.

Elevating Faculty & Programs: $8.9 million

National competition to recruit the best scientists and educators is acute. Endowed professorships will give us a valuable edge when recruiting and retaining the best faculty. We also seek to expand the Fund for Undergraduate Student Excellence (FUSE). Through this fund, we will increase student participation in leadership training activities, conferences and professional meetings, and special research projects with faculty.

Food Systems: $4.25 million

UVM is recognized as a national leader in food systems, a field encompassing everything from soil and water quality to overall food and energy security. In a time of global climate change and environmental uncertainty, ensuring stable food supplies has become increasingly urgent. We seek investments in endowed professorships and graduate student fellowships to enhance the college’s contributions to The University of Vermont’s leadership in food systems.