Institute for Environment

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Accelerating Solutions

Satisfying human needs without destroying nature is our generation’s defining challenge. The new Institute for Environment will build on UVM’s long-standing leadership in this area, harnessing the collective power of the university’s 350 environmental researchers to target the world’s most critical environmental problems. This new approach, which breaks down traditional barriers of scholarship, will dramatically accelerate understanding, solutions and action.

Moving Mountains: The Campaign for The University of Vermont is vital to the institute’s successful launch. Exciting environmental research is already happening across UVM. To bring these separate efforts together so they can effect widespread and lasting impact on science and policy, substantial new resources are needed. UVM leaders are committed, and the timing is right. Join us.

Ph.D. and Postdoctoral Fellows: $11 million

Attracting the world’s top graduate students — the engine of scientific research — is key to the institute’s success. Campaign support will help establish an endowment to attract 12 new Ph.D. and postdoctoral researchers every three years. Cohorts of four Ph.D. students will benefit from highly competitive three-year funding packages to form productive research relationships that will have real-world impacts and launch their careers.

Faculty Kick-Start Grants: $4.5 million

The institute will offer seed funding for scholars to promote new interdisciplinary collaborations targeting solutions to pressing real-world issues. This endowment will fund innovative new research areas and graduate courses and help develop larger funding proposals. For example, a project seeded with $8,000 to estimate the economic value of Brazil’s forests was recently awarded $200,000 to establish a research exchange program.

Research Faculty: $3.5 million

Research faculty are typically early-career scholars hired to build or establish new research areas at UVM. A new strategic endowment will support new research faculty, hired for three-year terms, to galvanize research across campus. Their energy, ambition and research focus can link together UVM’s more senior faculty. Over 10 years, this endowment will help the institute recruit up to 12 top scholars to Vermont for three-year terms.

Policy and Outreach Coordinator: $2.5 million

The policy and outreach coordinator will take the lead to connect the institute’s work with decision makers and the public to ensure that the full impact of our collaborative research is realized. This effort to link UVM’s teaching and research to real-world problems will not only broaden the recognition of the work we do here but also inform and influence critically important decisions in the public policy realm.