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Discoveries That Power the Economy

Research at UVM takes place in many settings: in laboratories and clinics, on farmlands and in research forests, in waterways across the state, and in field studies around the globe. Discoveries made here are having a significant and positive effect — improving the water quality in Lake Champlain, developing a smarter electrical grid and influencing human health by changing behaviors.

Move Mountains: The Campaign for The University of Vermont is a chance to propel UVM research on a journey of discovery, innovation and impact that will lead to scientific advances, technological innovation, economic development and enhanced quality of life. Together, we will move mountains. Join us.

Opportunity Funds

  • Seed Funding: $600,000. Research grants are becoming increasingly scarce. Most require preliminary results — which can’t happen if faculty don’t have the equipment and resources they need to begin their investigations. To bypass this “catch-22” scenario, we propose creating a fund specifically to seed faculty research. Such a fund will allow faculty to obtain pilot data or perform studies that substantiate their ability to later apply for and win external funding.
  • Shared Equipment: $620,000. Sophisticated scientific instrumentation is expensive yet critical for leading-edge research. Investigators can apply for shared instrumentation grants, but those typically require a match from the institution. The campaign presents a wonderful opportunity to create a fund for institutional matches. Through the campaign, we also aim to invest in the most up-to-date laboratory facilities and equipment, to be shared across departments and colleges. This includes a laboratory animal surgical suite and a new 3-D bioprinter.

Advancing Facilities: $2 million

The Vermont Advanced Computing Core (VACC) provides a valuable supercomputing resource to the university-wide research enterprise. However, as the VACC’s importance to research has grown, so has the demand on the systems, pushing against the limit of our current capacity. Campaign support to upgrade the VACC would have a major effect on research productivity and provide a huge boost to the more than 100 different research projects that currently depend on the core.

Bridging the Innovation Gap: $600,000

In 2013, the Department of Medicine at the UVM College of Medicine launched SPARK-VT, a program that brings promising researchers together with business innovators and biotech leaders to more quickly translate novel research from laboratory bench to patient bedside. The program was so successful that UVM recently took SPARK-VT university-wide. Through the campaign, we want to expand the program to support an increased number and greater diversity of projects.