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Attracting Great Talent

The University of Vermont is a talent magnet, attracting some of the nation’s best faculty to build their careers with us. Many cite a fondness for UVM’s culture, which centers less on individual prestige and self-promotion and more on hard work, collaboration, meaningful connections with students and colleagues, and service to community, state and nation.

Move Mountains: The Campaign for The University of Vermont will strengthen our power to attract and keep these talented researchers and teachers, who are in great demand in both academia and industry. Just as they move mountains for their students, we must ensure they have the resources they need to advance knowledge and change lives. Join us.

Endowed Professorships, Chairs and Deanships: $148 million

When we began this campaign, we had just over 50 endowed faculty positions. Our goal is to more than double this to over 100, so that roughly 1 in every 10 full-time faculty members holds an endowed position. Private support is needed to create new faculty positions in every school and college, as well as endowed positions for Fleming Museum curators, library specialists, UVM Extension county agents and athletic coaches.

View the list of current University Professorships.

Named Green and Gold Professorship 
Minimum Commitment: $250,000

Green and Gold Professorships were created in 2003 as an opportunity for donors to honor high-achieving faculty and help them advance their work and their academic departments. So far, 18 such positions have been endowed by donors.

Named Professorship
Minimum Commitment: $1 million

Professorships are awarded to UVM’s most promising faculty who have the potential for even greater achievement in the future.

Named Chair
Minimum Commitment: $3 million

The most prestigious of the faculty endowments, endowed chairs recognize faculty members who are leaders in their fields of study, esteemed mentors and significant contributors to the university’s mission. Chairs are awarded to recognize, recruit or retain scholars who are in great demand around the country and the world.

Named Deanship
Minimum Commitment: $5 million

Endowing a dean’s position is a meaningful way to strengthen an entire school or college at UVM. The dean can use the resources generated by the endowments to fund an array of new opportunities for faculty and students, both inside and outside the classroom, and advance his or her strategic vision for the college.