Support for Scholarships

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Providing Access to Excellence

The University of Vermont is determined to attract the best students from throughout our state, nation and world while making UVM more affordable for students from all backgrounds and socioeconomic groups. We will be stronger when we can bring in students with an even wider range of talents, life experiences, accomplishments and interests.

Move Mountains: The Campaign for The University of Vermont seeks to raise nearly $210 million in support of student scholarships and fellowships, which are essential in meeting our goal, as are internships, study abroad, research and other learning experiences. With your help, we can move mountains for our students, enabling them to pursue their passions free from the stress of financing their UVM education. Join us.

Undergraduate Scholarships and Student Support

The campaign will help UVM and its seven undergraduate colleges increase funding for three scholarship categories, as well as once-in-a-lifetime opportunities such as study and work abroad:

  • Merit-based scholarships, such as the Presidential Scholarship and Green and Gold Scholars Award, draw in students who could have chosen other elite private or public schools. The campaign will create more such scholarships to attract some of the most academically gifted students to UVM.
  • Need-based scholarships place a UVM education within reach for talented students who otherwise could not attend or would take on significant loans. State support helps make UVM affordable to many Vermont residents, but there are still cases where families need additional support — particularly among our out-of-state students.
  • Diversity-based scholarships are a critical tool for drawing students from a wider range of cultural and ethnic backgrounds to UVM. These include more international students and children of immigrants, student from urban areas, returning veterans, and women and minorities in science and engineering, among other groups.


Graduate College and College of Medicine

The campaign seeks two types of funding for Graduate College students: scholarships, which go directly toward tuition, and fellowships, which provide tuition support along with funding for research and special projects, books, travel, living expenses and other program-related costs. The College of Medicine also aims to increase scholarships and fellowships for aspiring physicians and scientists. We want our students to be able to choose careers in primary care, family medicine, pediatrics and lab research, and not feel forced to select more lucrative specialties because of student loan debt.