The Honors College

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The Intellectual Opportunity of a Lifetime

Launched in 2004, The Honors College has transformed the academic landscape at the University of Vermont, contributing to the retention of top students and elevating the academic culture for all. As UVM asserts its position as one of the nation’s best public research universities, the Honors College will continue to play a critical role.

Moving Mountains: The Campaign for the University of Vermont presents the Honors College with an opportunity to extend its reputation for academic excellence. Campaign support will help attract the very best students to UVM and develop novel academic practices that will transform the experience for students across the university. Join us.

Advancing Students: $11.5 million

  • Scholarships: UVM’s four-year Honors College, which includes a two-year residential experience, has sparked the interest of prospective students from across the country who might not otherwise have considered UVM. Increasing scholarship support for Honors College students will allow us to enroll and retain more of these promising scholars. 
  • Experiential Funds: Honors College students already go above and beyond in their studies. Through the campaign, we want to make sure more students can access high-impact learning experiences by creating endowed funds that support students who are undertaking public interest research projects, nonprofit internships, and travel to conduct research, pursue creative activities, present research findings or exhibit art.

Elevating Faculty: $3.9 million

The Honors College does not have its own dedicated faculty members, but rather it draws from faculty across the university who are passionate about their fields and want to share that passion with students. Through the campaign, we hope to support faculty members who take on additional work as Honors College thesis mentors or who develop new interdisciplinary courses and teaching methods to inspire student learning.